Bluenome: A Novel Developmental Model of Artificial Morphogenesis

T. Kowaliw, P Grogono, and N. Kharma
at GECCO '04
paper preprint (PDF)
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An introductory explanation can be found on the Bluenome project page


The Bluenome Model of Development is introduced. The Bluenome model is a developmental model of Artificial Morphogenesis, inspired by biological development, instantiating a subset of two-dimensional Cellular Automata. The Bluenome model is cast as a general model, one which generates organizational topologies for finite sets of component types, assuming only local interactions between components. Its key feature is that there exists no relation between genotypic complexity and phenotypic complexity, implying its potential application in high-dimensional evolutionary problems. Additionally, genomes from the Bluenome Model are shown to be capable of re-development in differing environments, retaining many relevant phenotypic properties.