An Interactive Electronic Art System Based on Artificial Ecosystemics

T. Kowaliw, J. McCormack, and A. Dorin
at the IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence IEEE-ALIFE '11
Paper preprint (PDF)
Definitive version forthcoming

See the Monash EvoEco website for more information, samples, interactive applet.


In this paper, we explore a generative art system designed to promote the creation of a diverse range of aesthetically pleasing images. We introduce our system, EvoEco, an agent-based pixel-level means of generating images based on artificial ecosystems. This art system is driven by interactive evolutionary computation, and further augmented using special measures to promote the diversity of the individuals. Following previous work, we explore a tractable definition of creativity and its addition to this interactive search. EvoEco was released online, and used by forty-one anonymous users to generate artwork. Here we present some of the discovered results.